Christy Matte, photo courtesy of Sears
Christy Matte

Welcome! When I launched Quirky Fusion in 2009, I was replacing another blog that had “Mommy” in the name. This was still intended to be a blog related to parenting, but I also wanted the freedom to discuss other things.

Now, 9 years later, I have a tween and a teen and although they are just as interesting as ever, I talk about them a lot less online. Their stories are no longer as tightly woven with mine and I don’t feel as free to share them.

As such, Quirky Fusion has slowly evolved as well. It’s still highly parent/family focused. This is not simply because I’m a parent, but because my skills and background largely revolve around kids and education.

What is Quirky Fusion all about?

Quirky Fusion is about creativity, innovation, and discovery. That’s at the core of who I am, and it’s what I love to share with others. You’ll find posts on travel, STEM, education, the maker movement, theater, and anything else I stumble across encourage you to learn and grow and create as individuals or with your families. And you’ll still find some old nuggets from the mom blog days. I think there’s a value in remembering where you come from.


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