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The Carnegie Science Center Drama, Girl Scouts, and Girls in STEM


Last week, there was a big brouhaha over a sign at the Carnegie Science Center that listed their scouting classes. After listing nine STEM-tastic activities for the boys (chemistry, engineering, astronomy, robotics), they list one class for the girls. And it’s called “Science with a Sparkle,” focusing on the science behind health and beauty products….

Happy Back to School!


By now, most of us are back to school… I think a few stragglers start this week. I have mixed feelings as the school year begins. I had an especially nice summer with my kids, so it’s a bit hard to go back to early mornings and less time as a family. We’ll just have…

A House Love Affair

An indoor balcony. Crazy!

My love affair with our new home…

Dust Bunnies


It has been quite the saga around here. The whole process of buying/selling a house was incredibly stressful, but we’re here! We’re barely here, but at least I’m not worried about the sale falling through. Now I just have to worry about this:   and this: and… OK, I could go on, but I’ll spare…

Dear Prospective Home Buyer


Perhaps the walls aren’t Pottery Barn Perfect, but…

Pushing Past the Creative Wall


The screen is blank. I’m staring at it, typing a few words, and erasing them again. It’s sort of like writer’s block, but it’s really Me block. In the rush of daily life, I’ve lost touch with myself. It happens every so often, when I have too much going on, or when I don’t get…

The Open Floor Plan is an Extrovert Conspiracy


We’ve been house hunting. Actually, we have an offer in on a house, so I guess we’re further along than that. But this is about something else: the open floor plan. It is oh-so-trendy right now in real estate listings, at least here in Massachusetts, to brag about the “open floor plan.” The idea is…

Toronto–A City in Flux

Toronto Construction Cranes

First impressions of Toronto… a sea of construction.

Screw You, Jeans Police

I’m on a rant today. For some reason, there’s a trend in the female corners of the blogosphere to write entire posts complaining about the jeans other people wear. So I’m just going to say it. Go to hell, Jeans Police. I’m not sure why you’re looking at my butt and worrying about whether my…

Blogging: The Path to Jaded and the Journey Back

Earlier this week, I had the immense pleasure of video-chatting with friend, and fellow blogger Melissa Chapman (she is hilarious, by the way… check out her blog Married My Sugar Daddy). We got to talking blogging, events, and brands when Melissa paused and said, "You know, I’m just so…" She didn’t need to finish the…