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Sweet Little Lille Huset DIY Dollhouses

Lille Huset Le Marias DIY Dollhouse

These DIY dollhouses are just so cute and give kids a chance to use their creativity.

Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker–Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Last year, LadyBug and I were treated to a tour of the Nutcracker Suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston. We were both captivated by the magic of it (it even inspired one of our Christmas presents that year), but I had context and LadyBug did not. The tutus, Nutcracker and giant bear were all just…

A Christmas Story, The Musical: A Family Review


A family review of A Christmas Story, The Musical at the Citi Wang theatre in Boston.

The Road to Delicious Perfection–Apple Cider Donuts with Maple Frosting


I love fall flavors. I’d put pumpkin pie spice in just about everything if I could. Mmmm. LadyBug has been asking to bake with me (we’ve been watching Master Chef Kids!) and since she’s just back to health after a pretty scary illness, I figured the time was right. I decided to make these Apple…

Dress Up Life with Blue Heritage Collection Ball Mason Jars

Blue Heritage Ball Mason Jar

I realize that I haven’t posted the pictures from LadyBug’s Butterfly Garden birthday party last June, so you probably have no idea just how enamored I am with Mason jars. They’re kind of trendy right now, anyway, but I just love how versatile they are. And there’s something to be said about storing things in…

Tiny Little Needles-Food Allergy Parenting

Have you ever had an allergy skin prick test? Here’s what happens at our allergist… They clean your back with alcohol, and then write with a permanent marker to label where each section of tests will happen. And then they press groups of 8 tiny needles into your back that contain things you may be…

Lessons Learned from the Circus (Smirkus)

Circus Smirkus

I have been meaning to take the kids to see Circus Smirkus for the past two years. For those who don’t know, Circus Smirkus is an organization that teaches circus arts to kids. They put on a full-scale traveling performance each summer throughout New England. Since LadyBug loves trapeze so much (she’s hoping to take…

Farm Camp, Fear, and Parenting Moments


The kids have just finished their second year of farm camp. In addition to providing time for me to work and a fun experience for the kids, I try to choose programs that supplement the types of activities we do at home as well as the skills and interests that Big Guy bring to the…

How to Create Marbled Frosting on a Cupcake or Bundt Cake

Marbled Frosting

Most good ideas start with a challenge. I had two. First, I needed to figure out how to frost some mini bundt cakes. Unless you’re planning on doing intricate piping, they are difficult to frost while maintaining the detail that makes them so pretty. Second, I had two bright and pretty frosting colors that I…

Early Mother’s Day Magic – Braving the Heat for Merida’s Royal Coronation in Disney World

Merida with Bow

We were fortunate enough to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this year. Disney always manages to pack plenty of magic into the conference and this year was no different. As part of our conference package, we received an invitation to Merida’s Royal Coronation. The spunky princess from Brave became the 11th official Disney…