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The Croods Video Game and App Giveaway


When I first saw the ad for The Croods from DreamWorks Animation, I was skeptical. Cave men aren’t really my thing. But having seen the full trailer and read some reviews, I’m kind of excited to take the kids. It looks like a fun movie (it opens on March 22). And what better way to…

Spot it! Game Review


I’m always on the lookout for good family games that allow people of different ages to play with a level playing field. It’s a bonus for me if they are portable and thought-provoking. The first time I saw Spot it! was at the Marbles: The Brain Store grand opening and I thought it was pretty…

Marbles: The Brain Store–Heaven in a Mall


I recently had the opportunity to attend a preview of the new Marbles: The Brain Store in the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA. It’s a great store full of books, games, puzzles, toys, software and novelties, all designed to challenge and stimulate your mind. My kind of heaven, honestly. Which is why I jumped at…

Day 26– Just Dance with Ubisoft


This is Day 26 in the 40 Days of Giveaways. If you follow me on at all, you know that I’m a big fan of the dance games from Ubisoft. We’ve got Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Dance on Broadway, Just Dance Kids and Michael Jackson: The Experience. We have the first four for…

FlipOut–A Family Game Review


You may remember some past reviews of Gamewright Games on Quirky Fusion. I enjoyed one of them so much that I included it on the Go-To Gift Guide for Birthdays and Other Special Occasions. We recently received a copy of one of Gamewright’s new games, FlipOut, and it didn’t disappoint. FlipOut is a unique card…

Gamewright = Great Games for Family Game Night

Gamewright games are smart, fun and extremely high quality. Check out the games I had a chance to review and add them to your list of go-to gifts!