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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) (review)

My kids are more than a little obsessed with Disney Infinity. I don’t even know how many hours they have spent playing with it, but I do know that we have every single character (except the super-special Toys R Us editions – even I can’t justify buying two of everything). When they found out that… [more]

Play Math Games Online with PBS Kids Peg + Cat

I got a sneak peek awhile back at the super cute new show Peg + Cat for PBS Kids. In each episode, Peg is faced with a real-life word problem. You remember those from school? With just the tiniest bit of help from Cat, Peg finds creative ways to solve her word problems and brings… [more]

Win a Copy of Disney Infinity for Xbox 360

So, as you may have surmised from my review, I have two copies of Disney Infinity. And, although my kids my argue otherwise, it seems a bit selfish to keep them both to myself. This is good news for one of YOU. You can win our Xbox 360 copy of Disney Infinity for your very… [more]

3 Mellow PS3 Games for Chillin’ This Summer

When most non-gamers hear “video games,” they usually think of titles like Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and World of Warcraft. Maybe they think of casual games such as those found on Facebook or mobile devices. The truth is that there are some great PS3 games where no one is shooting at you and that progress… [more]

The Croods Video Game and App Giveaway

The Croods Video Game and App Giveaway

When I first saw the ad for The Croods from DreamWorks Animation, I was skeptical. Cave men aren’t really my thing. But having seen the full trailer and read some reviews, I’m kind of excited to take the kids. It looks like a fun movie (it opens on March 22). And what better way to… [more]

Sifteo Cubes Review

The new Sifteo Cubes are out and they are amazing. If you haven’t experienced Sifteo, it’s a bit tricky to explain. It’s a gaming system comprised of individual cubes that talk to each other and have motion sensing and touch screens. You play games by tilting, turning, and rearranging the cubes, creating a wonderful tactile… [more]

Happy Birthday Quirky Tech! (and a PopCap Giveaway)

Quirky Tech turns one in just a few days (August 29th, to be exact) and we’re going to celebrate with some fun giveaways. I mean, who doesn’t love free games and gadgets right? We’re kicking things off with some games from a really cool casual gaming company: PopCap! [more]