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How to SHAREit – Easily Share Pictures & Files Across Platforms

Lenovo SHAREit App

SHAREit allows you to share photos and other files between devices (across the major platforms) without requiring data, Bluetooth, or an active WiFi network.

Gorilla Glass Helps Protect Your Phone from Scratches and Cracks When Traveling


Droid Turbo and I did a photo shoot at Disney World to show off how Gorilla Glass can help protect your mobile devices.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Calls Star Wars Out to Play


It is what we were hoping for… the next iteration of Disney Infinity will bring the Star Wars universe into the mix. Currently due out for the holiday season (2015), you’ll find most of your new and old faves… Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Obi…

Meet Donnie Wahlberg and Jack&Jack at the Boston Verizon Destination Store #VZBoston


Verizon recently opened their 4th “Destination Store” in Boston’s Back Bay. Previous locations are in Houston, Chicago, and Bloomington, MN. These stores, as the title implies, are meant to draw in visitors as a destination unto themselves, not just a convenient shopping location. To do so, they’ve included a wide range of interactive displays and…

Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop Review

  I have been using the Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop for the past few weeks [I am a Lenovo INsider and received the Y50 for review purposes]. While I don’t necessarily play the most hardcore of games, I do enjoy a lot of titles that tax your average laptop. A good gaming laptop requires a…

Motorola Power Pack Micro Review

Are you ever getting ready to run out of the house and you can’t find your phone? Or, maybe more likely, you’ve got your phone, but can’t find your keys? Motorola aims to solve that problem, as well as the angst of low battery life, with the Power Pack Micro. This little device is a…

Mega LeapFrog Giveaway


So. I’ve talked about the LeapFrog LeapBand, which encourages kids to be active. And I’ve talked about LeapFrog LeapTV, which also pairs activity with education via a console gaming system. I have not yet shared with you the LeapFrog LeapPad 3, but it is the latest iteration of LeapFrog’s handheld gaming units. It’s a bit…

#GiftSmart with Radio Shack and Some Great STEM Toys


I have always thought of Radio Shack as the place to go for random electrical parts, and the occasional gadget. It was never the place I thought to go for my Christmas shopping. So when I got the invite to “Gift Smart” with Radio Shack, I was intrigued. It turns out that Radio Shack has…

Droid Turbo–Super-Spy Hands-Free Controls


Me: “How now, brown cow? What’s my schedule this week?” Droid Turbo (spoken): “Here are the events you requested. First up, you have a calendar event tomorrow at 4:10pm. The title is ‘Kids’ Dentist Appointments’.” [The phone’s screen displays my entire calendar for the week.]

Win a LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming Console [Giveaway]

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing LeapFrog’s new educational gaming console for kids, LeapTV. It’s a hit in our house and would make a really special gift for some other lucky kids. Want to win one? Of course you do! (Please read the review to make sure it’s a good fit for the kids/family…