How to Turn on the Verizon Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot

One of my favorite things about the Verizon Palm Pre Plus is the Mobile Hotspot feature which allows you to share your Internet access with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Having traveled quite a bit in the past few weeks, it was extremely valuable to be able to connect my netbook to the Palm Pre Plus as a mobile route. We are on a FIOS network at home, so I was expecting a sluggish mobile connection, even using the 3G network. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the connection. And, as a mom who is frequently on the go, I love being able to stay connected via my netbook and not just on my phone.

Setting up the Palm Pre  Plus Mobile Hotspot is super easy:

1. Navigate to the App Catalog
2. Download the free Mobile Hotspot app to your Palm Pre Plus.
3. Set up the local network by assigning it a name and a passphrase (password)

4. Turn the Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot on (there is an on/off toggle switch)

5. Connect to the Wi-Fi network through your network setup

Voila! It took me less than 5 minutes to get up and running the first time.

Of course, nothing is perfect and there are a few drawbacks to the Verizon Mobile Hotspot service. The first isn’t at all surprising: using the Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot is a major drain on battery life. I try to always have the charger with me, so it’s not a huge problem to keep it plugged in. Still, if you’re going to be on the road with nowhere to charge the phone, make sure to plan ahead. The second issue is cost. For a 5GB monthly allowance on the Mobile Hotspot service, you’ll pay $40 over and above the required voice and data plans. Ouch. The cost, unfortunately, isn’t very mom-friendly. I’d love to be able to buy data on the phone by the day or week so I could just purchase what I need…

Update (5/1/2010): Verizon is now offering free Mobile Hotspot service for the Palm Pre Plus. You can add the service to your Verizon Wireless phone plan.

Disclosure: I received a Palm Pre Plus, Verizon phone service and compensation in exchange for this post. This is a product experience report, as opposed to a review, but the opinions and experiences are mine.

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  1. compared to how much my old phone bill was every month 40 is pretty cheap lol, but I hate the fact that most phones dont last that long, how long would you say the battery life is in general?

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