One of Those Days

Today is one of Those Days:

  1. Woke up badly. Big Guy gently shaking me, LadyBug crying. Try to wake up.
  2. LadyBug refuses to be consoled by Big Guy, only wants me.
  3. Call to LadyBug to come sit in bed with me. She refuses.
  4. Go into LadyBug’s room. Have to pee.
  5. Change a poopy diaper (Note to self: She REALLY needs to be potty trained). Cuddle with LadyBug.
  6. Meet demands for a Pop Tart with the WRONG Pop Tart and apparently the wrong sippy cup as well. Refuse to change either one. Pop Tart ends up on floor. (Still have to pee)
  7. Try to escape ensuing tantrum by returning to room and sitting in bed. LadyBug follows, crying.
  8. Bring her into bed for another snuggle. Wishing I could pee.
  9. Bug comes in to demand a Pop Tart as well. LadyBug demands Curious George puzzle which is too hard for her.
  10. Big Guy ushers them out of the room to distribute demands and leave for work. I try to wake up.
  11. LadyBug screams for help with the puzzle. I take a detour to the bathroom to pee and brush teeth.
  12. Try to help with puzzle. LadyBug ignores all suggestion and insists on jamming pieces where they don’t go. Now I’m hungry. Still not awake.
  13. Bug comes to “help” with puzzle. Makes LadyBug mad so damn puzzle takes twice as long.
  14. Finish puzzle. Grab quick breakfast and explain to kids that I’m done with puzzles.
  15. LadyBug screams for help with puzzle.

I could go on, but an hour and a half later, nothing much has changed, except the puzzle changed to the Leapster. She still won’t listen to me. And she still hasn’t eaten the Pop Tart.

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