PR Friendly

Quirky Fusion is a PR Friendly space. We are open to testing out products and services that match our mission, values and interests. If, upon trying out a product or service, we find it exciting, useful, usable and/or engaging, we’ll probably talk about it. Christy is available for blogging events, tours and other promotions as time and relevance permits. We are located just North of Boston, MA, and, while this isn’t a local blog specifically, we are also¬† interested in local events and activities.

Please note:

  • We never guarantee a positive review, or even a review at all. The same holds for events, tours, etc. Most of the product posts on Quirky Fusion are “recommendations.” These are products and services we share with friends and family. We like them and would probably give them as gifts or purchase for our family.
  • We aim for balanced reviews and recommendations. We’ll rave where it warrants, but we’ll constructively critique as well. Since we are selective in the brands we work with, there is rarely a case for an overly negative review, but it could happen.
  • We do not accept unsolicited guest posts.

Pitching Products and Services

Contact info is available on the Contact page. You will be most successful if you pitch us on products that are appropriate for the overall theme of the site (hint: read our About page).

We are especially interested in products and services that:

1. Promote global citizenship and support diversity and multiculturalism

  • Toys/dolls/books/movies that promote diversity or an understanding of cultures and the world around us.
  • Family travel services, including family friendly resorts, tours, travel packages, cruises, etc., both domestically and internationally.

2. Promote creativity

  • Any creative products and kits.
  • Toys that encourage open-ended play, such as costumes, dolls, blocks, building material.
  • Play houses or huts that provide spaces for creative play.

3. Support Parent Health and Happiness

  • Second honeymoon locations, resorts or Girls’ Weekend Away locations.
  • Books or products that provide support and encouragement for busy parents.
  • Gadgets* or services that make parenting easier or even more fun.

* We are a techie family and are pretty much always willing to check out new gadgets, video games, gaming systems and other electronic items.


  • We do not charge or accept financial payment for reviews. We do accept advertising. Contact us for more info.
  • We typically will not return review items. We are willing to negotiate around¬† larger ticket items or extenuating circumstances.
  • We always recommend doing a product giveaway in conjunction with a review. It helps spread the word and generates additional excitement. We ask that the sponsor send the giveaway directly to the winner to minimize costs and material loss/waste.