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Day 35–Win $25 in Barefoot Books

Cover art courtesy of Barefoot Books

This is Day 35 in the 40 Days of Giveaways (almost there!) I have been selling Barefoot Books for five or so years now. I am most drawn to the wonderful artwork, but the stories represent cultures from around the world and that’s important to me as well. Basically, they have the whole package. These…

Paint Your Own Pottery with Barefoot Books (Concord, MA)

We will definitely be checking out the new paint-your-own pottery studio at Barefoot Books, but haven’t gotten there just yet. I will say that the Barefoot Books community center/store is an explosion of color and creativity, so I imagine that inspiration will flow easily!

Boston Parent Bloggers – Dreaming Big

The journey from idea to reality… Boston Parent Bloggers launch party.

Teaching Kids to Be Generous

How do you teach the concept of generosity to young kids? A tale of toys and roasted rabbit.

If You’re Happy and You Know It Video for Kids

Enjoy this rendition of the classic song, with artwork featuring children from around the world.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Bug received a harmonica as a party favor last week. It’s a real harmonica and could have been my worst nightmare, except that I love that my son loves music. Music is important to me and has been a constant part of both of my kids’ lives since the earliest days of my pregnancies. So, when Bug pulled the harmonica out of the box and immediately started playing a bluesy tune, I was delighted. We can all use some blues in our lives, you know?