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Happy Birthday to My Game Changer


Bug turned 9 last week. I think this picture speaks volumes about him. He’s a joyous kid who loves new experiences, learning, and exploring the world. He’s my partner in crime, always up for whatever crazy scheme I come up with (as long as it doesn’t involve heights!). October was also my 10th wedding anniversary….

Memory House at the MRT–A Review


Imagine a house where your memories are stored. What would it look like? What would you find? Which rooms would hold which ghosts from your past? In Memory House from playwright Kathleen Tolan, teen Katia (played by Rebecca Blumhagen) grapples with a college essay about her own memory house , as well as her complex…

Parenting the Introverted Way

Whenever I thought about having kids, I could only imagine that I would simply get tired of them and not want them around anymore. Or, equally troubling, the noise and chaos they would bring would slowly drive me insane.

Puttin’ the MY Back in Mommy

All moms need some time to recharge those batteries. Here’s how I ended up choosing the perfect birthday and Mother’s Day gift.

True Feminism

What is feminism? Is it global activism? Fiery speeches? Rallies? In my world, feminism is simply good parenting.

International Women’s Day 2009

March 8 is International Women’s Day. I missed the opportunity for a deep, thought-provoking post, but I did have time for a shout-out to all of the fierce mama bears out there.