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#GiftSmart with Radio Shack and Some Great STEM Toys


I have always thought of Radio Shack as the place to go for random electrical parts, and the occasional gadget. It was never the place I thought to go for my Christmas shopping. So when I got the invite to “Gift Smart” with Radio Shack, I was intrigued. It turns out that Radio Shack has…

The Carnegie Science Center Drama, Girl Scouts, and Girls in STEM


Last week, there was a big brouhaha over a sign at the Carnegie Science Center that listed their scouting classes. After listing nine STEM-tastic activities for the boys (chemistry, engineering, astronomy, robotics), they list one class for the girls. And it’s called “Science with a Sparkle,” focusing on the science behind health and beauty products….

HEXBUG Nano V2s Visit the Girl Scouts


You may remember way back in February where I told you a bit about HEXBUG Nano V2, the little HEXBUGs that can climb. They are now readily available online and in stores like Target. Recently Innovation First, the company behind the HEXBUG phenomenon, offered us a home party kit to share with some friends. We…

Building with Girder and Panel – Review


Girder and Panel are building sets that let you design like an architect.

Join Me for a #STEMChat About Tweens and Engineering

Those who know me know that I’m a bit geeky. But most don’t know that I fell in love with engineering as a tween. I was already into computers, but when a summer camp through AT&T introduced me to engineering and circuits, I was smitten. My kids may or may not feel the same passion,…

Simple Circuits with Kids


Kids can learn the basics of electronics with this simple circuit activity.