Win a Copy of Disney Infinity for Xbox 360

INF_StarterPackBox_3D_ALL_rev0_X360_pre (2)So, as you may have surmised from my review, I have two copies of Disney Infinity. And, although my kids my argue otherwise, it seems a bit selfish to keep them both to myself. This is good news for one of YOU. You can win our Xbox 360 copy of Disney Infinity for your very own self. By way of disclosure, this is a review copy of the game, so it is not in a sealed package. It comes with everything, though, including: the game itself in the original case, the Disney Infinity base, three Disney Infinity characters (Sulley, Mr. Incredible, and Jack Sparrow), and a Disney Infinity Power Coin. We used Sulley briefly to check out multi-player action, but none of the other characters have been used. And it won’t matter, anyway. Just claim him (Take Ownership) from the pause menu and go on your way.

Want to win this fantastic game? Check out my review and/or interview with producer, John Day, and come back to tell me one thing you learned or found interesting.

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  1. I think this is one of the most innovative video games yet. And, what’s best is even though the graphics are more sophisticated, the theme attracts kids of all ages. Great job disney!

  2. This is one of the first video games that I am actually interested in playing for more than 5 seconds. You nailed the reason why – if I could “learn to use a controller without worrying about their character dying, and if they could explore without time limits, attack situations, and other stressful situations common in gaming.” YES! That’s me. I always get so frustrated that I don’t have time to figure things out that I just walk away and do something that doesn’t cause stress – cause who needs more of that!

  3. I learned from your review that two people can play as the same character if you have two figurines and that you can tell them apart because they have one and two over top of them.

  4. I learned that you can only use characters in their own environments unless you are in free play and design your own area. Thanks Christy!

  5. I didn’t understand the difference between the play sets and the toy box. My grandsons have the game..I’ve just heard about it and have added some items to what they have. Other grand kids now want to get this also.

  6. sand box is the way to go for little kids. these days they cant cocentrate long enough for story mode, so they need something they can do 50 things for 2 minutes a pop and move on to the next area.

  7. I learned that Disney Infinity comes with three Play Sets: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles thats fab!!

  8. I learned that the starter box is enough set up for somone to play 3 different worlds from the start. The add ons allow a 2nd player to enter those worlds making it more fun. I love that my kids can create their own toy box world. All in all its a fun family game all ages can enjoy x

  9. I have learnt alot from the review, thank you! I have been looking at this for my kids Christmas. I am a little disappointing at the lack of female characters seen as I have 2 girls and although we have an XBOX 360 we don’t have and have never really needed the online part so I am sure it will carry on without it. As for the in game advertising, I am afraid it is the way all things seem to be going! That said, as long as they price the extra ones around the same as skylanders ect then it makes an easy Birthday/Christmas presents at the sort of price point most uncles/aunts ect seem to go for. Overall I would be happy to get this for my Daughters. It should keep them bust for hours with all the open play ect.

    I am sorry for rambling on lol. I hope that counts for what I have learnt. (I learnt a lot more but figured I wouldn’t bore you further lol.

  10. You review revealed what I feared about this game: the heavy need for more characters. With Skylanders, you could play the core game without buying more characters. Of course the game encouraged you to buy more but it sounds like Disney is taking it even further. Still it sounds like an interesting game and I suspect we will see more games along this line. I am sure Marvel won’t be far behind since Disney owns them.

  11. I learned that the three play sets included in the starter pack are Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters University

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