You Pick 2 Friends to Bring to Lunch at Wendy’s Giveaway

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Last week, Wendy’s and The Motherhood invited a group of Boston-area bloggers to lunch. We were invited to bring two friends each and try out Wendy’s “You Pick 2” menu with healthier options. Choose one of four half salads and pair it with a small chili, baked potato, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Go Wrap, small Frosty, small soda or bottle of water. The salads include a BLT Cobb, Apple Pecan Chicken, Baja, and Spicy Chicken Caesar.

I chose the Apple Pecan Chicken salad with the small chili. The ingredient list is: iceberg, romaine and spring mix, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, apple chunks, grilled chicken filet and roasted pecans. The salad greens were fresh and the pecans came in a separate pouch (great for freshness and for nut allergies!).  According to the nutritional calculator on the Wendy’s site, that particular “You Pick 2” menu choice (with the recommended dressing) is 570 calories. If you’re feeling calorie conscious, you can drop the pecans and save yourself 110 calories. The meal has 19 grams of fat. Once again, drop the pecans and you’ll lose 9 grams of fat. Sadly (or not so sadly), the pecans are delicious! I found the meal to be filling for just $4.99!

I mentioned it above, but I was also impressed with Wendy’s nutritional calculator. They are becoming standard for fast food restaurants and I really appreciate that for a couple of reasons. The first is that if you’re traveling with someone who has a food allergy or intolerance, you can look ahead to see what’s safe. I always do my research when we take Bug anywhere. Now, you’re not entirely guaranteed safe food, but if the employees do their jobs (and don’t do anything else!), you’re in pretty good shape.  The other reason it’s handy is because it helps you make educated choices about your meal. The Apple Pecan Chicken Salad is a perfect example. You can add/subtract add-ons and condiments to get a sense of what kind of calories you’re really looking at. I don’t like mayo, so I know I can remove it from the nutritional breakdown. Nice.

I have a little giveaway for you, but first I wanted to share that Wendy’s is having a pretty big sweepstakes of their own that runs from October 15-December 31, 2010. Pick two complementary prizes, enter your info and see if you win an instant prize (free lunch). You’ll also be registered to win your selected prize.

In the meantime, I’m inviting you to pick two friends to bring to lunch at Wendy’s. Each of you will get a $7 gift card, which will cover a “You Pick 2” meal and a small beverage. Hopefully you’ll have as nice of a lunchtime experience as we did this past week!


The Prize: Three $7 gift cards to Wendy’s (one prize)

To Enter (once per person/household):

  1. Leave a comment on THIS post (right down below) telling me who you’d take with you (first names are fine!) and what meal options you’d choose.
  2. Make sure you enter the correct email address in the email spot on the comment form so I can reach you. Please DON’T put your email in the actual comment.


  • Contest will end at 11:59pm Eastern on October 26, 2010.
  • U.S. addresses only (sorry, international friends!)
  • Adults (18+) only
  • Winners will be chosen via Winner must comply with all rules mentioned here, or a new winner will be selected. I will have the final decision in this matter.
  • I will email the winner who will then have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

Bonus Entries:

To claim bonus entries, please post one comment on this post per bonus entry (include permalink or tweet url).

Questions? Contact me.

Disclosure:  I was compensated by Wendy’s and The Motherhood to try out the new Wendy’s You Pick 2 meal options and to blog about it. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are mine.

189 Responses to You Pick 2 Friends to Bring to Lunch at Wendy’s Giveaway

  1. I would take my friend Missy and her daughter Katie. I would like the BLT Cobb salad and because I am going low carb, I would have a diet coke with that!

  2. i would take my hubby and my son
    and we would probably get the apple salad with bake potatoes

    tcogbill at live dot com

  3. I would take my mom and my son. I would order the BLT Cobb Salad and a a baked potato and a diet pop. My son would probably order a hamburger and chili and a Frosty. My mom would order the Chicken Ceasar salad, chili and a water.

  4. If I won, I would take my friend Kathy and Marybeth to Wendy’s for salads (healthy) and Frosty’s (tasty)!

    • Oops – I got distracted by the dogs and didn’t say I would also take Whitney. I bet she would get a Chicken Caesar Salad & a Frosty.

  5. I am currently un-employed and looking for a job. I would take two of my friends who are un-employed as well, Theresa and Jo. Can’t say what we would get as it all sounds so good, but I am sure that Diet Coke will be involved. :)

  6. I’d take my Dad, husband and myself. I’d love to try the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and the chili.
    Thanks so much.

  7. I would take my mom and brother! I would choose the Baja Salad and chili but I don’t know what they would pick

  8. I would take John with me. I would get a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and he would have the Spicy Chicken Sandwich with fries

  9. I would take my significant other and my best friend. I would choose the BLT Cobb salad and baked potato. I have no idea what Dave or Robin would choose:)

  10. I would take my daughter and son we would all get the BLT cobb salad,my daughter and I would get baked potatos and my son would get the bacon cheeseburger

  11. would take hubby and the kids and personally choose Apple Pecan Chicken salad with a small frosty
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  12. I would take my husband and nephew. I would choose the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and a small frosty.

  13. I would take my boyfriend and daughter and I would get the big classic meal, my boyfriend would prob get the same and his daughter would prob get chicken