Fantastic Four

ladybug2I feel so out-of-touch with my blog. Between two months of giveaways and a busy life, I haven’t had enough time to just be. But some things are important to take time out for, and one of them is a birthday. Yep, my little LadyBug turned four this past weekend.

081If you’ve been reading along, you may know that my daughter is a bit of a girly-girl, occasionally (ahem) challenging to be with, a master spy, and possibly a split personality. Honestly, she’s a total mystery to me. One moment she’s giggling and asking for hugs, and the next she’s throwing the Playstation remote across the room. You just never know.

ladybug1In the past year, though, she’s grown into an exceptionally funny, savvy, and loving little girl. She’s quick with a joke and a smile, and equally quick with an angry outburst. She’s sensitive, shy with new people, and extremely creative. She loves making silly faces.

I wasn’t sure LadyBug would survive her toddler years. If she didn’t bounce off the couch onto her head, I thought she might have poked Bug just one time too many. But here she is, a little girl of four. And when she’s not driving me crazy, she’s the light of my life.

Happy birthday, LadyBug! We love you!White Mountains 044

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  1. She is seriously the cutest little thing! And I know what you mean about the split personality…my son is the same way. He keeps us laughing when we’re not crying! :)

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