Friends of the Children-Boston Proves Mentoring Pays Off

The Friends-Boston Logo JPeg Version smallMuch of my work experience prior to becoming a writer involved engaging with young people, primarily in at-risk communities. I know that often their parents are, for various reasons, unable to to really support their children academically or socially. I firmly believe that, as a society, we have to help all of our children reach their potential, even if their parents are out of the picture, working multiple jobs, lacking their own education, or are incapacitated for one reason or another. We are strengthened by the success of each and every young person, not just those who have the most resources available.

Friends of the Children-Boston (Friends-Boston) is a revolutionary mentoring organization committed to fostering academic achievement and character development of children from at-risk communities to avoid cycles of poverty, abuse or violence and become successful members of society.  The organization provides Boston’s most vulnerable children whoFriends-Boston calls Achievers with 6-8 hours a week of therapeutic mentoring for twelve years from first grade through high school graduation.

the tripletsI like the model of this program. They only take on kids in Kindergarten or first grade and stick with them for the long haul. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from an extra person helping you along, providing extra-curricular activities, and just providing another caring voice.

Friends of the Children-Boston could use items for their families, including store gift cars, coats, toys, and games. Volunteers are welcome, as well. Families who want to get involved can apply to be a “Family Friend” to one of the Achievers. Join the Achiever and mentor in after-school activities and special events, plus enjoy a correspondence. This requires a donation of $1000 a year with a minimum two year commitment.

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