GE Momsperience Day 1

For those who don’t know, I won a trip to GE Momsperience from Charlene at Charlene Chronicles. It’s actually a blogging trip, but each blogger gave away a spot to one of their readers. It’s funny to be the “reader” in the situation! Anyway, bloggers and their guests were invited to the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky to learn more about GE products, talk about some of our biggest challenges, and just have fun.

GE made my travel arrangements for me, which was a welcome change. I’ve been making all of my own travel arrangements, even internationally, for as long as I can remember. They even had a car waiting to pick us up at the airport! Yay!

We’re staying at the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville. As the name suggests, the hotel also houses a modern art museum. Art work is everywhere, including the elevators. I’ll have to see if I can get a shot of that particular installation. I love this hotel. I’ll blog about it more, but here are some of my favorite things about my room (yeah, I’m not looking my best, but that robe is comfy!):

P1050776 P1050733

One thing I don’t like:


Not sure what’s up with this short closet, but my dress hangs on the floor when I hang it up.

We kicked off our “Momsperience” with an “Air Your Dirty Laundry with Dirty Martinis” party. It was a nice chance to meet the other bloggers and some of the members of the GE team.

P1050777 P1050778

In addition to the great martinis (I had a Lemon Drop and then a “Steffenwolf”), there was a gelato cart. The Nutella gelato was a BIG hit.


After eating, we spent some time with a lovely group of women from Dee’s Crafts, who helped us make Derby hats. I was a bit nervous, but they were so patient with us!

P1050795 P1050799

P1050802 P1050792

I really wanted a fascinator rather than a hat, so they found a headband for me. It’s adorable. I might wear it around to other blogger events!

Here’s another guest at the party, the iconic 21c red penguin:


GE has already proven to be thoughtful and generous hosts, but I wanted to give you a tangible example. Here’s my gift bag:


It’s hand stenciled! I think special touches like that make a huge difference.

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  1. Ha! The “Air Your Dirty Laundry party” sounds fun :-) Yay for Nutella gelato…yum. Sounds like you’re having a great time learning about GE.

  2. Ah, I miss it already! No one is taking care of everything for me or bringing me food. And I miss that BED!!!!

    So fun to get to hang out with you!

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