Going to Tooth Town

Christmas 034Bug is six and I’ve started asking him if he has any loose teeth. This past weekend, while watching the hockey game, I had to explain the purpose of the protective glass around the rink. We got onto the subject of lost teeth and then somehow stumbled onto the subject of the Tooth Fairy. I don’t love the whole Tooth Fairy thing, but whatever, I’ll play along.

Me: When your baby teeth fall out, you’ll put them under your pillow and then the Tooth Fairy will come. She takes the teeth and leaves money.

LadyBug: Where does the Tooth Fairy put the teeth?

Me: She brings them to Fairyland…

Bug: There’s no such thing as Fairyland!

And here, as I’m scrambling to get around this apparent truth, something unexpected happens.

Bug: She must take the teeth to Tooth Town!

Huh? Tooth Town? And with that, my son apparently decides that my version of the story makes no sense, but the version that he has simply conjured out of thin air is the stone-cold truth. LadyBug is easily swayed, and their now private conversation continues with all of the little-known information about Tooth Town. Honestly, I was so baffled by the turn of the events that I can’t remember anything about it, other than the baby teeth get to join all of the other teeth that were already living there.

Sound like a happy place. Maybe I’ll head on over to Tooth Town…

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  1. This is really funny. Made me laugh… Why do we create fantasy, when THEY can create it on their own?

    Actually made me think of the Island of Misfit Toys on the Rudolph TRN Reindeer show. Did they watch that?

    Yes, I am the Grandma of these two creatively brilliant children.

    • They did see Rudolph, but it was after they had this conversation. I don’t know where it came from, but we have since established that they drive around in little tooth cars and eat tooth sandwiches.

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