HEXBUG Nanos Get Extreme with Construct and Zipline

HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set with Construct Habitat System

3/4/2012 Check out my full video review of HEXBUG Nano Zipline

12/18 Edited to add: Good news HEXBUG Nano Zipline is now available on the HEXBUG site and on QVC!

We’ve been long-time fans of HEXBUG Nanos. The small, vibrating robotic “bugs” are mesmerizing and fun. But until now, we’ve spent a lot of time watching them zip around in circles. The creative folks at Innovation First have upped their game by introducing two “extreme” add-ons for your Nano habitat system: the Construct System and a Nano Zipline. Both will add adventure to your HEXBUG Nano play.


Nano Hive Habitat SetThe iconic white HEXBUG Nano Hex Cells will now have spots across the floor to attach a variety of accessories including flags, ramps, a seesaw and a merry-go-round. This allows kids (and adults) to design their own play spaces for the HEXBUGs and experiment with different layouts. As much as it’s fun to watch HEXBUG Nanos navigate their habitats, it’s even more fun to watch them play on the merry-go-round together before buzzing off on their own.

Construct is available currently in the new HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set (pictured) and will be rolling out in other products in October.


HEXBUG Nano as spy? Sure, with this great little Zipline set. Your Nano will snap on a special zipline accessory and fly down the line, only to head back up the ramp and do it all again. This set was just announced and I don’t even have details on availability, but I’ll update as soon as I do. Here’s a video of a HEXBUG Nano enjoying a Zipline ride:

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