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The PS Vita Comes to Quirky-Tech

In February, I introduced you to the PS Vita, Sony PlayStation’s newest handheld gaming device. It was only recently, though, that we got some quality time with one. As a member of the PlayStation Family blogging group, I received a review unit to play with and we’ve all been enjoying our time with it. I… [more]

Dr. Panda, Teach Me! App Review

When I’m looking for an app for young kids, I prefer one that is colorful, playful and educational, but with an open-ended, unscripted component. Little kids learn by exploration, not just by rote memorization. fits the bill in that regard. The app invites kids to explore a number of different scenes, such as a farm… [more]

Ellison the Elephant iPad App Review

Ellison the Elephant iPad App Review

Ellison the Elephant is a heartfelt e-story about a young elephant who finds his unique voice with the help of an unexpected friend. It’s a familiar theme, written in a new way with beautiful illustrations and a nicely narrated audio component. You can take it at your own pace or have it set to “auto… [more]

Techno Source Announces Kurio Tablets for Families

If you have a tablet that you share with kids, chances are you’ve experienced the challenge of balancing the needs of different family members. How do you keep the tablet open enough for your needs, while keeping your kids from accessing content that’s inappropriate? Techno Source may have the answer with their newly announced Kurio… [more]

Do Apps Really Help Kids Learn?

This has been an ongoing debate. As kids use more and more technology, we’d like to believe that it is actually benefitting them in some way. In particular, educational apps are seeing an explosion in popularity, but are they really doing anything other than keeping our kids from asking, "Are we there yet?" [more]

Carnival Island–A Review

Carnival Island is a family game for PlayStation 3 with Move. As the name suggests, the game is a collection of carnival mini-games such as Mini Bowl (aka Skee Ball), Coin Toss and Shooting Gallery. Set in a magical, but long-abandoned carnival this is a fun game for the whole family. [more]

LeapFrog LeapPad Review – Adults and Kids Agree!

LeapFrog LeapPad Review – Adults and Kids Agree!

We recently received a LeapFrog LeapPad to try out and share with friends. I haven’t seen it much since it arrived in the house and the kids took off with it, but I had a little time to test it out for a proper review. I’ve got my thoughts below. In addition, my son (who… [more]

2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge Announced

If you have an aspiring video game designer at home, this may be their chance to shine. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and E-Line Media have announced the 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge. Details will be available in November, but entries will be open to the following four categories: Middle School,… [more]