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Why I Didn’t Choose an iPhone

I’ve got a new phone in my life… my Droid Razr Maxx arrived last week and I’m pretty much in love. I’m saving that review for another day, though. Today I wanted to answer a question I’ve heard more than once. Why didn’t you choose an iPhone? If you’re trying to choose a phone, I’ve… [more]

And Apple iPhone 5 is… iPhone 4S

Apple fans had mixed feelings today for the announcement of the iPhone 4S. With a year and a half since the announcement of the iPhone 4, anticipation was high for the announcement of the iPhone 5. Instead, after 45 minutes of back-patting and product reviews, we got a phone that looks the same. Still, the… [more]

HTC Announces the HTC Rhyme–Style and Substance?

Android phones have traditionally been given a very high-tech profile. It makes sense, given the platform (and then name), but it does suggest that they are only for the most hardcore geeks. HTC seems to be looking to change that perception with the new HTC Rhyme. The distinctly feminine phone comes in plum and has… [more]