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Samsung 9 Series Laptop for On-the-Go

Lightweight and thin laptop computers are all the rage, but no one wants to sacrifice performance for portability. I actually have a netbook that I bought for travel, but find it so frustrating to work on that I still prefer to lug along my heavier machine. The Samsung 9 Series is designed to remove the… [more]

iPad 2 Keyboard Capsule Review

I love my iPad. It’s easy to travel with, it keeps my kids entertained, and my husband can watch movies on it. But when I’m away from my laptop, I miss having a keyboard. The touch screen is fine for using apps, writing quick messages, and playing games, but when I need to write a… [more]

First Star to the Right

I wish I could fly. Well, maybe not, but it would certainly make things easier. The next month is going to be full of travel… [more]