The Bouqs Review: Flower Delivery with no Frills or Hidden Fees

Confetti Bouq from The Bouqs

My husband rarely brings me flowers. I mean, he proposed with tulips, but after that, nary a flower to be seen. Ok, maybe once or twice, but then… nada. Now, I’m not a huge flower person, but I do love some gorgeous blooms now and again. So when The Bouqs asked if I’d like to check out their flower delivery, I didn’t have to take too long to make a decision. You may remember them from Shark Tank this past May. They didn’t get their funding, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing their mission to sell beautiful bouquets with no additional fees.

The Bouqs has two primary categories for their flowers delivery options. The first is the Volcano Collection. As the name suggests, these colorful blooms grow on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, where they are picked, carefully wrapped, and shipped right to your door. Volcano Collection flowers require a lead time of 6 days from your order to your recipient. The second option is the California Collection. Also beautiful, these flowers are shipped from California. They are a bit more expensive, but next-day-delivery is included in the cost.

The Bouqs focuses on simple, no frills, beautiful bouquets. Volcano Bouquets are $40 for their classic-sized bouquet (the quantity depends on the flower, but this will get you 12 roses), $50 for a double-bouquet, and $60 for a triple. There are no additional costs for delivery, packaging, or anything else (although there is sales tax in California). It is important to note that the bouquets include plant food, but no vase. California Bouqs start at $50.

I ordered the Confetti Bouq. The flowers are shipped via FedEx and should arrive by 10:30am on delivery day. Make sure that someone will be available to accept them, especially in extreme temperatures, because the flowers are no longer climate controlled and could freeze/wilt. For some reason, Bug answered the door at our house, and accepted the package from FedEx without telling me. There are so many things wrong with that scenario, but for the purposes of the review, we’ll focus on the fact hat the flowers did sit for a bit before I realized they were there.

FedEx is not my favorite delivery service for a few reasons, but the state of the box they delivered is one.



Somehow, despite the fact that it looks like someone was sitting on the box, the flowers inside we just fine. So pretty!



The box is actually very sturdy and the flowers are wrapped in this corrugated cardboard paper and then strapped to the box so they can’t shift around.



Two of the outer blooms were a bit squished in the wrapping and had some damage to their outer petals. I suppose you could pull those of, but I didn’t bother. As you can see, the buds are still fairly tight. Just as fresh flowers should be. Just so you know, the stems on the original and deluxe Bouqs are about 18-19 inches. The Deluxe Bouqs are 25-26 inches.

Unwrapping the Confetti Bouq from the Bouqs

Once I got them out of their packaging, I trimmed the stems, filled up my vase with lukewarm water and the included flower food, and arranged the flowers to the best of my ability. They lasted well over a week and have now dried beautifully as well. I’m going to use them in some handmade paper I’m making. The gift that keeps on giving!


My thoughts on The Bouqs flowers:

  • I do like not having to worry about all of the extra fees and just knowing how much it will cost.
  • The lack of vase is both a pro and a con. It’s great if you’re sending flowers to your mom, grandmother, or someone who is established enough to have a couple of vases around. At some point, we don’t need any more random vases. It’s not great if you want to send flowers to your kids in college, who will have to make due with a stolen juice glass from the cafeteria. Know your recipient.
  • Delivery may be a problem. Unless you know someone will be home, there is the danger that they will sit unattended (or end up back on the FedEx truck for lack of signature). Of course, you’re safer in delivering them to a workplace or to yourself for in-person delivery.
  • The flowers were very fresh and opened up fully after just a few hours in water. They stayed that way for more than a week before some of them started to droop.

I’ll admit that I don’t send flowers very often, but it’s mostly because it feels so ridiculously expensive for even the most simple bouquet. And it kind of feels like buying a car with all of the options and the fiddling around to get  good deal. For that reason alone, I’d use The Bouqs for sending bouquets, but I also know the it’s a quality product. If you’re looking for an easy way to send beautiful flowers, I’d say you’ve found it.

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