Christy Matte, photo courtesy of Sears
Christy Matte

Quirky Fusion is, at its essence, a mom blog. Don’t worry, though. The focus isn’t on dirty diapers, temper tantrums or the ultra-cute things my kids say and do (although I may occasionally have to brag). Those aren’t the things parenting is really about. Want to know more about Christy?

For me, parenting is about:

  • Raising intelligent and inquisitive children who celebrate diversity, seek out understanding, respect the need for gender equality, express themselves creatively and approach the world in a thoughtful and kind way. This means finding opportunities for exploration, travel, unique experiences and making new friends.
  • Nurturing my children while retaining a sense of self. I believe that serving as a positive role model for my children (especially my daughter) means being more than “mommy.” I want them to see me as a person, with my own ideas, passions, interests and purpose. This means finding a delicate balance between my own needs and my family’s.
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with my partner. We’re constantly struggling to stay connected around opposing schedules, family obligations, need for personal time and time with our children.
  • Making difficult choices. Parenting is all about choices… discipline, food, toys, home environment, child care, personal time, language, etc.
  • Creating a safe and healthy environment. From baby proofing to nutritional food choices to Internet safety, having children is a lifelong journey of seeking out healthy choices and educating our children. It also means balancing between your family resources (especially time and money) against the likelihood of a possible threat.

My goal here at Quirky Fusion is to share my ideas on this journey and to open the space for you to share yours. Constructive criticism and dialogue are always welcome!

About Our Family

Our immediate family consists of me, MorethanMommy, my husband Big Guy, our son Bug  and our daughter LadyBug. We also have a devious cat and a host of extended family members. We live in the Boston area.

Why “Quirky Fusion?”

Big Guy and I met on Yahoo! personals long before it was “cool” to meet there. My ad was titled, “Quirky Seeks Same.” It seems that it struck a chord with him, because he replied and we’ve been together ever since. When we announced our engagement, our save-the-date magnets read, “Quirky Marries Same.”  Now, several years later, we’ve got two crazy little kids and our Quirky Fusion of a family is complete!