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Parenting the Introverted Way

Parenting the Introverted Way

Whenever I thought about having kids, I could only imagine that I would simply get tired of them and not want them around anymore. Or, equally troubling, the noise and chaos they would bring would slowly drive me insane. [more]

Jon & Kate: Putting Your Family First

As a parent, I know that we can’t always put our kids’ needs first. We get sick or unhappy, we have dreams and goals, and there are times when we do need to put ourselves first. But let’s at least be honest with ourselves when that happens. [more]

Step Aside, Mommy! Letting Daddy Lead

If I disappeared, my husband would be just fine. Of course, the kids wouldn’t get luxuries like lotion and diaper cream and they may have too much sugary cereal and hot dogs, but they would be clean, dressed and fed. And, they would feel completely safe and nurtured by their dad. He knows them just as well as Mama does.

What’s Dad’s role in your family? [more]