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Tiny Little Needles-Food Allergy Parenting

Have you ever had an allergy skin prick test? Here’s what happens at our allergist… They clean your back with alcohol, and then write with a permanent marker to label where each section of tests will happen. And then they press groups of 8 tiny needles into your back that contain things you may be… [more]

Taking Things for Granted–The Food Allergy Club

Earlier this week I sat at a table with 8 Kindergarteners and their respective mothers/grandmothers. It might have been a mother/child brunch. It could have been some kind of cool club. Instead, it was a meeting for kids with food allergies who are getting ready to transition into a new school for first grade. The… [more]

Delightful Divvies

Find out what happened when my skeptical family taste-tested allergy-friendly Divvies cookies and cupcakes. [more]