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Holiday Show and Concert Fail


Last week was a bit crazy. In a two-day span of time, the kids had their holiday circus show (yes, they take circus class – silks, static trapeze, tightrope, juggling, clowning, acrobatics, etc.), LadyBug had a doctor appointment, and then she had her winter concert at school. We took the kids out to dinner with…

Happy Birthday to My Game Changer


Bug turned 9 last week. I think this picture speaks volumes about him. He’s a joyous kid who loves new experiences, learning, and exploring the world. He’s my partner in crime, always up for whatever crazy scheme I come up with (as long as it doesn’t involve heights!). October was also my 10th wedding anniversary….

A House Love Affair

An indoor balcony. Crazy!

My love affair with our new home…

Sharing My #DisneySide with the Girl Scouts


If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m a Disney fan. When I first heard of the #DisneySide promotion, I laughed and said, “I don’t have a Disney side. I’m Disney through and through.” If most of our belongings weren’t still in boxes, I’d show you how Disney runs through our house… Winnie the…

Tiny Little Needles-Food Allergy Parenting

Have you ever had an allergy skin prick test? Here’s what happens at our allergist… They clean your back with alcohol, and then write with a permanent marker to label where each section of tests will happen. And then they press groups of 8 tiny needles into your back that contain things you may be…

Adorable Airplane Cupcakes and Favor Boxes

Airplane cupcake in favor box

Do I love to bake? Why, yes I do. Do I love crafts? Yep. But I rarely have time to really enjoy doing either. When I was asked to make cupcake party party favors for my sister-in-law’s shower, I embraced it as an excuse to spend time engaging in two of my favorite hobbies. The…

In the Land of No Boredom

kids with guitars

As I got ready to get my kids from the bus stop today, I started to think of what we might do this afternoon. With nothing planned, I figured we’d do something fun. We have some games we haven’t played yet, a couple of science kits, some engineering activities, a few unopened LEGO sets, and…

HEXBUG Warriors Review


A review of HEXBUG Warriors from Innovation First with a video overview from my kid reviewer.

Back to School Frazzles


When back-to-school doesn’t go smoothly and mom loses her cool…

Summer Vacation Journals


Journals are a great way to capture memories for kids from summer camp, family vacations and other special experiences. Plus, they help with writing skills and creative expression.