A Review of the Complete Air Car Seat Using Air Protect Technology

The Complete Air Car Seat with Air Protect technology from Safety 1st comes in two styles, a charcoal gray/black and a trendy brown and orange design. It is designed for infants rear-facing from 5-40 lbs. and 19″-40″ and toddlers forward-facing from 22-50 lbs. and 34″-45″. It is currently available at Babies “R” Us and retails for $249.99.

We received a car seat in the “Harvest” (brown and orange) design. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, as everything else in our car is charcoal, but it looks pretty sharp. The Air Protect technology comes in the form of a cushion “wings” on either side of the child’s head. I wasn’t sure if LadyBug would be annoyed by them, as they looked like they would block her view. As it turns out, the cushions act like pillows and she is now able to sleep in the car without slumping over the harness. Honestly, even without the added safety features, this alone would sell me on the car seat!

Complete Air Car Seats/ Photo Courtesy of Safety 1st
Complete Air Car Seats/ Photo Courtesy of Safety 1st

We easily adjusted the straps inside the house to make sure it would fit LadyBug properly. She loved the new car seat so much that she cried when we took it outside to install it. Installation using the latch system was very fast and when we later decided to raise the shoulder straps to fit LadyBug  better, we were delighted to see that we could do so without removing the car seat from the car (QuickFit Harness System). Hurray! Not only does this make it easier to adjust as your child grows, but simplifies the process if you need to transport a different child in the same seat.

The Complete Air comes with an optional cup holder which, when installed, is perfectly positioned to hold a sippy cup within your child’s reach. No more twisting around to hand sippy cups to your kids! I’m wishing that Bug’s car seat had a nice cup holder, too.

The seat is cushy and my daughter looks reasonably comfortable. My only complaint is that there is no padding around the strap between the legs or on the shoulder harnesses. Those aren’t essential, but they’re nice, especially for younger kids.

A few caveats… first of all, this isn’t a small car seat. It’s not as big as some of the mammoth seats out there, but it’s a good size. Second, we did not use the seat rear-facing, so I can’t speak to the easy of installation or comfort level in that position.

All in all, I’m happy with the Complete Air car seat and LadyBug is, too. Knowing that it provides an additional layer of safety for her makes it all that much more impressive!

Learn about Air Protect technology.

Disclaimer: I received a Complete Air Car Seat for review with no promise of positive feedback. The content of this article represents my own opinion, as well as data from outside sources. I make no scientific claims about the product and its ability to keep a child safe in a collision.

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