Beginnings–Karate Red Belt

Bug started taking karate when he was three, but he battled me every time he was supposed to put on his gi. He was also reluctant to participate in class (which involved almost no karate anyway) so I pulled the plug, hoping to try again. Well, that time has come and he had his introductory class the other day. He got his gi, learned about the principles, and tried out some basic moves. He also had to prove he’s a good listener and has some self-control. He did a great job and he’ll be starting a group class this week.

karate 002

Good listening.

karate 011karate 012

Making a fist.

karate 013

Working on a good stance.

karate 017


karate 021

Sitting up straight.

karate 023

Impatient little sister.

karate 029

Bow to Sensei.

karate 031

Earning a red belt!

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  1. My son did Tae Kwon Do with a Grand Master in Houston. He didn’t start quite so young–he was 7 or 8. He is now a 2nd degree black belt. I credit his martial arts training in part for the remarkable amount of self-discipline he has. He graduated college with honors and will finish medical school this coming May. I hope your child stays with it through the upper levels.

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