BlogHer 09: Looking Back

My BlogHer Experience - Kelby, Katherine & Catherine from
My BlogHer Experience - Kelby, Katherine & Catherine from

Despite my some basic anxiety over attending such a large conference and a slightly rocky start (standing in a massive lobby by myself while trying to find just one familiar face!), I had a fantastic time at BlogHer. I was exhausted, people’d out and drowning in swag and was still on an incredible high. I had such an amazing experience that I was downright shocked upon my return to see so many negative posts. I can’t quite reconcile the experience I had with those of the bloggers who felt compelled to write something negative as their first BlogHer recaps.

To clarify, I saw a lot of the things other people complained about, but I just choose not to make those a part of my own personal experience. I firmly believe that events like this are what you make of them and my goals were to connect with other blogging friends and leaders in the field. I more than met any expectations I had in that area.

A Few Highlights

1. Working with an awesome sponsor who I also consider to be a friend. (Thanks to Honey Hamilton at!)

2. Meeting the most fantastic, intelligent and kind women from all over the world. After reading past reports from people who felt left out by other bloggers, I can honestly say that I didn’t experience that. There was only one blogger who blew me off (on several occasions), but she was a definite exception.

3. Hosting/Co-hosting not one, but two fun parties and meeting even more great ladies. (Thanks to the folks at RIDEMAKERZ, 360 Public Relations, and Eli’s Cheesecake!)

4. Meeting my hilarious, high-maintenance, but incredibly thoughtful roommate, Kathrin (@kathrinoutloud)

5. The Marketing to Moms of Color session. Wowza, ladies, you are all amazing!

6. The super-kind people at O’Hare airport who helped me through a really trying morning.

7.  Hanging out with fellow Guides.

8. Winning two different giveaways from the vendor expo.

9. Making out with blow-up Scott Monty in the CheeseburgHer Suite shower.

Blow-Up Scott Monty and I at CheeseburgHer
Blow-Up Scott Monty and I at CheeseburgHer

10. Hugs.

Weird, but Cool

1. Becoming a “Twitter celebrity” because people could recognize me from my Twitter avatar! All weekend long, people kept pointing at me and saying, “I KNOW YOU!” and then not introducing themselves.

2. Being the only person in a room of about 1000 people to give a shout out to the new Air Protect car seats during opening session on Friday.

Water Off My Back

1. Greedy, grabby swagsters. And my apologies to @AnissaMayhew for being weirdly obnoxious on Thursday evening. I blame the strong drinks from the open bar at the reception!

2. Missing out on one private party in particular for a brand which I would be a huge advocate for, and whose PR people know I’ve shown a lot of interest in. Boo to you.

3. Being charged $10 to receive a package at the Sheraton. Seriously?

4. Weak Internet access at the Sheraton.

Take Away

Trying to describe the essence of Quirky Fusion and realizing that the site hasn’t yet moved in the direction I want it to go… I’m going to really take some time to think and get back on track, so that was really useful.

If you haven’t already, you can read about The Danger of Too Much Swag and BlogHer and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day.

Yeah, we're dorky. So what?
Yeah, we're dorky. So what?
Isn't she fabulous?
Isn't she fabulous?

5 Responses to BlogHer 09: Looking Back

  1. I introduced myself at least, lol! It was good to meet you in person! And could you please pass on to Honey from Pogo that my daughter has been rocking her slippers ever since we got home. Last night she said, “My name is Po, and I have to Go!” as she raced off in them, lol!

  2. LOL – love the Scott Monty picture!
    I can’t wait to meet up with you at Type A! Looks like you had a ton of fun at BlogHer despite the harrowing experience after!

  3. It was very nice meeting you at blogher and I apologize it has taken me so long to visit over here. I had a great time too and didn’t have any negative experiences.

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