Dust Bunnies

It has been quite the saga around here. The whole process of buying/selling a house was incredibly stressful, but we’re here! We’re barely here, but at least I’m not worried about the sale falling through. Now I just have to worry about this:



and this:


and… OK, I could go on, but I’ll spare you!

What I’m excited for is this:


It’s going to be my new office! I’ve got a ton of work ahead. I’ll be tearing out the carpets and replacing with a laminate, plus painting walls, trim, and baseboard heaters. And I’m going to try to dye the curtains to match the new (not mauve) color scheme. We’ve got a bunch of projects on the list, so I’m just focusing on one day at a time and one step at a time.

For my readers, this means a bit of a shift in content. We’ll still have our favorite toys and travel and such, but I’m looking forward to sharing some of our projects and the tools that are working best for us. Over at Quirky-Tech, we’ll also be looking more at connected/smart homes and how to automate more of the things you do every day.

For right now, though, I see some dust bunnies that need taming!

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