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Grab the Goodies to Educate About Underage Alcohol Consumption (Review)

As part of the back to school season, I’m on the lookout for tech and tools to help families have a healthy and productive school year. When the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) asked me to take a look at a new educational app designed to help kids ages 6-9 learn about the dangers… [more]

Cyberbullying Chat Today on The Motherhood

I am very passionate about the dangers of cyberbullying and the importance of parents getting involved/being informed. Cyberbullying is different from the in-person bullying many of us grew up with because 1) it follows you to your school, your friend’s house, and your home, 2) it’s psychological more than physical, 3) rumors/lies/inappropriate pictures travel further… [more]

Techno Source Announces Kurio Tablets for Families

If you have a tablet that you share with kids, chances are you’ve experienced the challenge of balancing the needs of different family members. How do you keep the tablet open enough for your needs, while keeping your kids from accessing content that’s inappropriate? Techno Source may have the answer with their newly announced Kurio… [more]

Do Apps Really Help Kids Learn?

This has been an ongoing debate. As kids use more and more technology, we’d like to believe that it is actually benefitting them in some way. In particular, educational apps are seeing an explosion in popularity, but are they really doing anything other than keeping our kids from asking, "Are we there yet?" [more]

Sesame Street Teaches a Real World Lesson in Internet Safety for Kids

Sesame Street’s popular YouTube channel was hacked yesterday, with porn replacing videos of our favorite Muppet characters. The channel was taken down, and Sesame Street has issued an apology to fans. (See CNN for full coverage) It looks like the Sesame Street channel has been restored, but it remains an unsettling reminder of how difficult… [more]

Cell Phone Parental Controls from The Online Mom

If you’re picking up a new cell phone for your kids during this back-to-school season, you’ll want to explore which parental controls are available with your carrier. The Online Mom has a great overview of the major cell phone carriers and what type of parental controls are available for each one. [more]