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TiVo Streaming Comes to Android

As a TiVo fan and an Android user, it has been an ongoing source of sadness that two of my besties couldn’t play well together. Well, all that has changed! The newest (bigger, better) TiVo Android app now allows you to stream your content to Android devices with a non-Intel chipset and running Android 4.1… [more]

Catch All of the Fall TV Premieres with TiVo Roamio

I have failed you. I have been blissfully enjoying my TiVo Roamio and not at all letting you in on the game. Maybe I’ve been enjoying it a little too much. In any case, I received a TiVo Roamio as a TiVo Brand Ambassador. By now, you probably know how cool it is… either 4… [more]

Review of TiVo Stream

Before heading out to CES in Vegas, I decided to copy a few movies and shows from my TiVo DVR to my iPad. In case you’ve never experienced that particular joy, it traditionally involves copying the content to your PC via the TiVo Desktop software, transcoding it for the iPad, and then synching it to… [more]