Community Research Initiative–Leading the Way in Clinical HIV/AIDS Research

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Community Research Initiative’s mission is to lead the way in clinical HIV/AIDS research and to ensure access to life-saving drugs to those in need.

Community Research Initiative (CRI) was established in 1988. I was still in high school and fear of HIV/AIDS was still rampant. Today, the panic of HIV/AIDS has died down and the push for better treatment options has led to significant improvement in the longevity/quality of life for those diagnosed. With their involvement in over 150 clinical trials, CRI has played a large role in this progress. In addition to their work on clinical trials, CRI administers the HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) for people who would otherwise be unable to get their medications.

Getting Ready for Harbor to the BayThere are a number of ways to support CRI and they work they do. In-kind donations/discounts in the realm of travel, hotel and brochure printing would help them deliver their message. Volunteers and sponsors are needed to help spread the word and to organize Circle of Friends fundraising parties. They also seek bike riders and crew members for the Harbor to the Bay fundraising bike ride from Boston to Provincetown (held on September 17 of this year).

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  1. Thanks for highighting this great organization! A small group of very passionate and talented people make a difference every day in so many people’s lives. Full disclosure: I sit on the board.

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