Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

The Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation engages neighborhood residents in an on-going process of shaping and carrying out a common vision of a diverse and stable community in the face of sustained economic pressures.

If you live way out in the suburbs, as we do, you may not know what a community development corporation does. In this case, Allston Bright CDC provides a variety of services that help maintain the health and vibrancy of the community. In particular, the Allston Brighton CDC helps ensure there is affordable housing, provides education and financial assistance to small business owners and families, encourages the development/maintenance of open spaces and helps the community rally on their own behalf.

There’s something to be said for pitching in to your own neighborhood to clean a park, host a block party, paint a mural, or otherwise create your own environment. I remember putting a lot of work into my elementary/middle school building and speaking out at a school committee meeting. It resulted in a strong sense of ownership and pride that I still hold with me to this day. The Allston Brighton CDC provides a lot of services to residents, but the community organizing aspect certainly stands out as one that truly contributes to the health of a community.

If you’d like to support the mission of the Allston Brighton CDC, they can always use office supplies and equipment like computers and phone systems. Office-based volunteers are also welcome.

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