Families United in Educational Leadership Sets Higher (Ed) Expectations

PrintI come from a home with two college-educated parents. In fact, both of my parents have worked as teachers. The question wasn’t whether we would go to college, but where. And it wasn’t whether we could pay for it, but which resources we would call on. I don’t mean to say that my parents put pressure on us to go on to college. It simply never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that this isn’t an experience everyone has.

Families United in Educational Leadership (FUEL) is an organization that strives to help more families see college as an expectation. FUEL says:

Our Mission is to provide incentives to galvanize the ambition of low income families for their children’s higher education.

FUEL works with low-income families in Boston, Chelsea and Lynn. They provide a matched-savings program, financial literacy education, and other resources to help families along the path to higher education. Families commitment to making regular deposits into a college fund, attending workshops, and keeping their kids in after-school/out-of-school programs.

The best way to support FUEL and help send young people to college is through a financial donation.

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