Blogging for LGBT Families Day

I just found out that today is the 6th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day. I somehow missed the first five, but better late to the party than never.

I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about LGBT rights, and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that because it’s actually pretty important to me. Civil rights in general are important to me. As you probably know, I’m bi-racial. My mom is white, and my biological dad is black. There was a time that they would not have been able to get married and, as it was, there was plenty of prejudice around when they did. My husband is white, making us yet another interracial couple. I can’t imagine a world where he and I wouldn’t be able to have our family.

Go back and read that again. “A world where he and I wouldn’t be able to have our family.” And then think about your own family. What if  your parents couldn’t marry? What if you couldn’t marry your spouse? What if people told you that your marriage or your family were wrong? Or evil? It’s easier to think of some “other” group not being able to marry. But what if it were you? What if your family was the one being judged? What if someone declared that people with blue eyes are bad? Or people of a certain height? Or people with a certain IQ? What if the size of your foot made you good or bad? Crazy, right? What if something beyond your control made you wrong in the eyes of society? Wouldn’t you hope that someone else spoke out on your behalf? Wouldn’t you hope that people could realize that you have no control over the size of your own feet? That is just how absurd it is to me that people have a problem with interracial families. Or LGBT families.

I’ve had people who were clearly racist tell me they aren’t because they’ve got friends who are black (or better yet, that I’m not like other black people). People say the same thing about the LGBT community. I’ll tell you this, I don’t need or want a friend who doesn’t believe that I deserve the same basic rights. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why anyone would try to rob someone else of their civil rights. It’s just not the kind of person I want to be.

I understand that we all have different values. I have a blog platform for sharing mine! So on this day, I choose to speak out in support of LGBT families, and of the LGBT community as a whole. I choose to speak out for the right to follow your heart. And I choose to speak out for the right of each and every one of us to live our own lives the way we believe, as long as it doesn’t rob anyone else of that right.

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  1. Well said! I’m white, married and grew up in the deep south. Had I not made some great friends at school and had the grandmother I did, I might have taken on the hateful attitudes that continue, I’m sad to say, to infect some members of my own family. Since I’m not a blogger (just a big fan!) I did not know about this blogging event, but I am very active on Facebook with groups who are fighting prejudice in all its ugly forms. Thank you!

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