He Is We’s My Forever CD Review

I had never heard of He Is We until I received their debut album My Forever for review. In fact, I thought they might have been a religious group, based solely on the name. I was pleasantly surprised by the upbeat pop music, but… well… I think the lyrics will appeal more to a younger audience. It reminds me of Taylor Swift (both in lyrics and vocals), all hope and love and angst. With titles like, “Forever and Ever,” “All About Us,” and “Happily Ever After,” you get the general idea. Here are some of the lyrics from “Everything You Do”:

“When you touch me, it’s like the very first time.
I’m so lucky, to say that you’re mine.
I still get those stupid butterflies,
but it’s just what you do.”

I’m not exactly complaining. This is a CD that I immediately enjoyed listening to, which is often not the case for me. But it’s sort of like seeing a young couple holding hands and whispering to each other; there’s a part of me that thinks they look adorable, and another part that makes me want to roll my eyes. Like I said, the lyrics are just geared toward a younger demographic.

All that said, Rachel Taylor’s voice is lovely, and Trevor Kelly’s music is most definitely fun. I most enjoy the upbeat (and happy-go-lucky), “Forever And Ever.” Here’s the video for “Happily Ever After”

My Forever is, for the most part, a feel-good CD. It’s lively, fun, and sweet. If you enjoy Taylor Swift, or even the more mainstream songs from Regina Spektor, this is a good bet for you. And keep an eye on He Is We; they’re going places.


Disclosure: I received a copy of the CD for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are my own.

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