Tiger Corporation Rice Cooker Review (JAX-10U) & Giveaway

Tiger Rice Cooker JAX-10UWe were recently invited to review the JAX-10U Rice Cooker from Tiger Corporation. Tiger is well-known for their line of rice cookers, but if I’m being honest, I scoffed for a long time about using a special appliance for rice. And then, ages ago now, I received an inexpensive rice cooker and fell in love. So easy. But then I questioned the need for the higher quality (and higher cost) rice cookers. The Tiger JAX-10U is my first experience with a high-end rice cooker and I’m excited to share my thoughts. But first, an unboxing so you can see what’s included.

As you can see, this model has a stainless exterior trimmed with black and looks lovely in our kitchen. It has a good size footprint, so make sure you have counter/shelf/cabinet space for storage. In the box with the rice cooker, you’ve got:

  • Crazy big instruction manual
  • Cookbook
  • Steamer basket
  • Spatula/scoop
  • Ladle
  • Measuring cup

As I noted in the video, we received a 5.5 cup rice cooker, which is just about the right size for a family of four. The first thing we made was brown rice. As you probably know, brown rice requires a different cook time than white rice. Our old rice cooker wasn’t having it, but our Tiger Rice Cooker did a lovely job. You can also clearly see that the cooking pot is marked off for easy measuring with your ingredients.

Brown rice

We’ve made plenty more rice since then and it always comes out perfectly, just as you’d expect. But the JAX-10U doesn’t just make rice. There are a variety of other settings including slow cook. I was skeptical, honestly, but I had a small portion of short ribs I wanted to make. It seemed silly to pull out my large slow cooker for a single portion, so I decided to give our rice cooker a try. Voila! They came out beautifully. We haven’t yet tried cooking rice while using the steamer basket, but that is an option. It’s all easy to use, despite the daunting size of the manual. Put in the ingredients, press the menu button to select the mode and you’re off. The slow cooker feature asks for a cook time and an alarm goes off when it’s done.


Short Ribs

A few things to know. The rice cooker uses a sensor to help cook rice properly. Once you reach the last 15 or so minutes of cooking, a timer will appear to count down the remaining time. Until then, you kind of have to time it on your own. Once the rice is done, the cooker goes into warm mode, which is nice if you’re still prepping the rest of your meal.  Cleanup is pretty easy. The the cooking pot comes out and is non-stick. Everything just wipes right off. The steam cup and inner lid also come off so you can easily clean them. If I have one complaint, it’s that there’s no storage/retraction for the power cord. I liked that feature a lot in our old rice cooker and I miss having it in this one. One last feature that I haven’t used yet is the delayed cook. I think that would be especially useful for oatmeal. You could pop them in before bed and have them ready for breakfast.

The Tiger JAX-10U isn’t exactly an inexpensive appliance. I shopped around and, as of the writing of this piece, I am finding prices ranging from about $170-230. But if you make rice regularly, and especially if you want to be able to make brown rice and multi-grains, this is a quality machine. Tiger also makes some higher end machines with induction cooking, but honestly, this did the trick for us.

So it’s the holiday season and you know I’m looking out for you guys… You can win a Tiger Rice Cooker of your own! I can’t guarantee which model, but you’ll be able to cook your rice and plenty of other things, too. To enter, please leave a comment below telling me what you like to pair with your rice (or what rice dish you enjoy). Also record your entries in the widget or they won’t count!

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Disclosure: We received a review unit. The giveaway prize is provided by Tiger Corporation. No additional compensation is provided and all opinions are my own.

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  1. oh cool giveaway. our rice cooker was broke when we moved 10 years ago…but have been making do with it all bent… Our fav food with rice is probably chicken stirfry or chicken curry!

  2. I like Chicken Piccata with Rice, or Moroccan Chicken with Rice. Have always wanted to try out a rice cooker. Hope it recorded my entries in the widget correctly… ;-)

  3. I like rice and veggies. Rice and meat. Rice with everything. Rice bowls with veggies and meat and sriracha on top. With young kids, I now hate cooking rice on the stove and no longer scoff at rice cookers; now I WANT one. So much.

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