Croissants, Castles, and Champagne

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I like to dream about things like ideal family vacations and what I’d choose, given the opportunity. Big Guy is more pragmatic. If he were handed a large sum of money and HAD to choose a vacation destination, he probably could (I’m betting on a cruise, since he loved our honeymoon cruise so much), but otherwise he has no interest in even dreaming about it. Unfortunately, because I’m SO good at dreaming things up, I have several ultimate family vacations. I’m going to go with the one that makes the most sense for my family today given the age of my kids and the interests of all of my family members.

My dad is French-Canadian and has a passion for history. As such, he has dreamed about traveling to Normandy to see the sites and do some research on relatives who came from that area. It has been a dream of mine to find a way to get him there. If  I could, I would rent a massive chateau in the area and bring my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews to France for a week or two. We could visit Paris, tour Normandy and the Loire Valley and just relax. Honestly, I’m not sure they’d all go since only a portion of the family was bitten by the travel bug, but whoever wants to join us can.

Oh, but I’m not finished. We wouldn’t fly to France. That’s so pedestrian. Instead, we’d take a transatlantic cruise, hopefully stopping in Spain (a passion of my Spanish-language teaching sister) and Ireland (where my mom’s family hails from) and perhaps Italy as well (my favorite country from our honeymoon cruise). It’s my dream, right?

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