Forward with Ford 2011

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Last week I had an amazing time at the Ford facilities in Dearborn, MI. Ford has held blogger events in the past, but for the first time, they put together an entire conference designed not only to showcase their vehicles and technology, but to engage member of the media who are necessarily focused on automotive reporting. The result was a jam-packed schedule full of influential thought leaders, tours of Ford facilities, and even some time on the test track.

I have a lot to share with you because although I’m not a car person by any stretch of the imagination, the technologies showcased are pretty phenomenal. Not only that, but we heard from influencers like Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Westergren, and Joel Garreau. You’d be hard-pressed not to be inspired by these guys, or by the more than 100 media in attendance. It was a phenomenal trip, and Ford is talking about holding similar conferences in the future. Honestly, I’ve been impressed on more than one occasion by Ford’s authentic presence in the social media scene, and this just cemented my views on the company.

I will be sharing more about the conference both here and on Niri wasn’t able to make the conference and asked me to attend on her behalf, so a big thanks to her for that.

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