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Image Courtesy of the Ann Williams Group

I have probably mentioned in the past that when I attend Toy Fair, I tend to wander through the aisles looking for new products and companies. Last year, when I was drifting down an aisle, I was greeted by a woman working at one of the booths. This isn’t unusual, as anyone with any sense wants to get you into their booth. But I started chatting with the women in the booth and had such a good time that I forgot that I was supposed to be looking at products. They have a great product, too, but I’ll get to that in a minute. This year, I was once again drifting along, when a product in a booth caught my eye. As I walked in, they said, “Hey, we know you! We met you last year!” Totally different product, same wonderful women.

The original product that they introduced me to is Talkatoo. It’s a recordable pendant that can be worn as a necklace or clipped onto a backpack (depending on the product). The pendants have whimsical designs that will appeal to boys and girls and each one can hold messages up to 30 seconds long.

Talkatoo recorders are easy to use. There is a record button, a play button, and a switch that helps protect the recorded message. The switch is just a safety; it’s easily accessible to change from one position to the other. They use a replaceable button cell battery, so you can keep them going even when you have preschoolers who love the sound of their own voices (ahem).

I can think of dozens of uses for these… parents who travel frequently, holiday messages from out-of-town relatives, sleep-away camp gifts, “I Love You” messages, notes to/from a teachers, reminders, homework assignments for a sick friend… My only concern about Talkatoo is that at $16.99, the units may fall just a bit out of the target price range.

Talkatoo comes from the Ann Williams Group. You’re going to want to keep your eye on this company; they’ve got some cool new products on the horizon.


Disclosure: I received a Talkatoo for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions in this post are my own.

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