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Pocket People–When Toys Have Beautiful Stories

Pocket People–When Toys Have Beautiful Stories

I’m just back and processing everything from Toy Fair. I always enjoy wandering the halls and seeing so many wonderful toys, games, dolls, and accessories. But what I like best about Toy Fair is the People I Meet. It’s easy, in the toy aisles of whatever massive store we’re shopping in, to forget the people.… [more]

The Perfect Man? A Toy Fair Love Story

It seems that Barbie has reunited with Ken, who has just turned a distinguished 50 years old. Ken was never really my style, but I’ll take this chocolate one any day: I’m at Toy Fair this week and have TONS of things to share. This one is in honor of Valentine’s Day! [more]

First Star to the Right

I wish I could fly. Well, maybe not, but it would certainly make things easier. The next month is going to be full of travel… [more]