It’s Fun for You! Where Have All the Jingles Gone?

I kind of miss old TV jingles. They were catchy and fun, but they’ve been replaced by actual music…  it’s just not the same. And then xfinity came out with this perky gem, which is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Update 3/20/2011 – People (including myself) have been wondering who wrote the XFINITY “It’s fun for you!” jingle. It is David Muhlenfeld, the ad guy behind the jingle.

I looked David up on LinkedIn (because I’m a stalker like that) and was impressed. He works for The Martin Agency, but has also started his own company to create original jingles for companies. David says, “…the success of those musical campaigns has opened my eyes and ears to the possibility of a new kind of commercial music that’s focused less on imitating whatever’s popular that month and more on creating memorable songs that express the true character of a brand.” Nicely done, David. I agree… and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

5 Responses to It’s Fun for You! Where Have All the Jingles Gone?

  1. I LIKE the XFINITY tune- but I can’t tell— is it an original tune
    or is it some other tune used for this purpose?

  2. i have heard that jingle before in the 70’s “it’s fun for you it’s fun for me” is it slinky?

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