David Garrett Brings Blends Classic Music with Contemporary Tunes

I have fairly broad range in music tastes, but I’m not a huge fan of rock music. And, although I like classical music, it’s not what I would normally choose to listen to when I’m hanging around the house. As such, I wasn’t necessarily doing cartwheels when Child’s Play PR asked me to review David Garrett’s album, Rock Symphonies as part of the Music Moms team. But I had agreed to keep an open mind, so I was happy to give it a chance. And I’m glad I did. Garrett’s fusion of classical and rock is upbeat and fun, without any of the attributes that irritate me in many rock songs.

David Garrett is a 29-year-old classically trained violinist, but he obviously doesn’t feel limited by his genre. Instead, he decided to blend his classical background with his love for rock music. Listening to Rock Symphonies is almost disconcerting. It’s like hearing a song that’s familiar, but which you can’t quite place. And that is because the songs are familiar. Garrett takes songs like “Walk This Way” and “Smells Like Spirit” and makes them his own with some vibrant violin work.

Rock Symphonies entered our home and immediately became one of those CDs that I put on to energize me as I clean, play with the kids or even write. I’m glad I gave this one a chance! My husband isn’t a big fan of the violin, so he enjoys it, but not as much as I do. If you’re not sure if you’d be a fan of this style, you should check out this video about the CD. Not only does it showcase Garrett’s music and fabulous violin skills, but it has interviews with the artist where he talks about his inspiration.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Rock Symphonies from the Music Moms group at Child’s Play PR for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions in this post are my own.

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