LeapFrog Introduces the Brave Tag Reader Book and Leapster Explorer Cartridge

We took the kids to see Disney Pixar’s Bravea few weeks ago at a movie preview. I had already fallen in love with Merida, who I think is fabulously spunky, but I didn’t know if the kids would enjoy the movie. They did and so they were absolutely delighted to receive a LeapFrog Tag Reader pre-loaded with the Brave Tag book, and the Brave Leapster Explorer/LeapPad Cartridge. We actually were heading out of town when the package arrive and they quickly nabbed the items and made off with them!

P1110513The Disney Pixar Brave Tag Reader Book is a condensed version of the movie, skimming over most of the backstory, and focusing primarily on the highlights of Merida’s quest to bring her mother back. The book is narrated in Merida’s voice and, like other Tag reader books, includes plenty of interactive spots and some reading games. This is just right for your younger Brave fans, although the reading activities are most appropriate for early readers. LadyBug enjoyed listening to Merida read to her and trying to find all of the activities in the book.

P1110514The Brave Explorer Cartridge, which is geared toward ages 5-8, is focused on science, logic and reasoning. It roughly follows Merida’s journey in bringing her mother back, but includes activities that did not happen in the movie. You’ll lead Merida through an adventure, solving puzzles, answering science questions, and interacting with characters from the movie. The game provides a lot of direction and plenty of hints, possibly more than is necessary for this age group. Then again, it’s unlikely your child will get stuck for any length of time. The science facts are advanced enough that even I was learning quite a lot as I played. If you have kids who are sponges for information, much like Bug, they’ll really get into this.

We a most definitely LeapFrog fans in this house and have seen plenty of the cartridges and books. These are among my favorites so far, with both quality illustrations and learning opportunities.

This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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