App Review: The Book of Holes

Book-of-Holes-iconI love a quirky app. Why be boring? The Book of Holes by Poul Lange fits the bill. This interactive e-book from Chocolate Factory Publishing is strange and beautiful and silly and fun.


“A hole is nothing with something around it.” And so begins a tale that then explores a range of topics from big to small. Expect to discuss the Big Bang (“some people believe…”), the birds and bees (“Ask your dad”), poop, and earwax, among other things.

book-of-holesWhat I like most about The Book of Holes is that it’s unexpected and a bit edgy. Sure, it’s kid-friendly, but the pictures and concepts aren’t at all childish.  It takes talent to present images with layers of meaning such that young kids can enjoy them, even while the messages go right over their heads.

Kids will most likely enjoy the sound effects the most. The interactive spots are fun, but it’s the silly noises, musical notes, and gross sounds that will make them giggle and keep on playing. And just in case you miss something, there is a key at the end to making sure you caught all of the hidden surprises. I’d love to see more apps include that.

If I have one complaint about this app, it’s that it’s a bit on the pricey side for an interactive e-book with no additional games and activities. That said, it’s a quality choice and still less than most children’s books out there. I just don’t know if the app-buying population has caught onto that yet.

Publisher: Chocolate Factory Publishing
Platform: iPad
Cost: $4.99


Disclosure: We received a copy of the app for review purposes. There was no additional compensation and all opinions are my own.

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