Harvard Sweet Boutique Gift Box Review

I pretty much never say no when someone asks if I want to review cookies and/or brownies. I love them. And, as much as I enjoy baking my own, I’m equally delighted to try someone else’s creations. So, of course, when Harvard Sweet Boutique said they wanted to send me some treats, I was all in. I’m not sure what I expected, but it sure wasn’t this adorable little box:


These are the types of gifts I wish someone would send me for my birthday. I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating them because, of course, it’s wrong to waste food.

What types of surprises do you think might be inside?


Each cookie and brownie were individually wrapped to keep them fresh. I think that’s a lovely touch and it makes them easy to take on the go.

I am a die-hard chocolate fan and I have had a history of looking down on cookies that don’t involve some sort of chocolate. Until I met the ginger molasses cookie which is now one of my benchmarks for a bakery cookie. It has to be soft and chewie with a bit of kick. Harvard Sweet Boutique did not disappoint with their Ginger Molasses Cookie. I wish I had a box of them!


But if I had to pick a favorite of the batch they set me, it was the Chocolate Toffee cookie. So chocolate-y, and filled with chocolate covered toffee bits. I didn’t even get a picture because I gobbled it up without a second thought. Sorry about that. But you can find them on their website.

Harvard Sweet Boutique has gift boxes for a variety of occasions, including an adorable Townhouse box of treats for housewarming gifts. I would not recommend them for those with nut allergies (Sorry, Bug!) because they have quite the selection of nut-filled treats, including toffee, but they do offer gluten-free sweets, as well as those low in carbs.

You can order from Harvard Sweet Boutique online or visit their store in Hudson, MA.


Disclosure: We received a box of goodies for review purposes. There was no additional compensation and the opinions contained in this post are my own.

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