Sweet Little Lille Huset DIY Dollhouses

I was browsing the One Kings Lane listings today (I am obsessed with finding the perfect décor for the house we haven’t yet purchased) and I stumbled across the most adorable little DIY dollhouses from lille huset. Their sweet little houses are made from recycled paperboard in the USA and are designed for kids to assemble and decorate themselves.


This darling little house is called Le Marias and is modeled after a Parisian flower shop. It measures 7x7x4 and is meant to be assembled, decorated, and disassembled (for storage and for more creative fun). One Kings Lane has sets of two for $14 right now, but they are normally $11 at lille huset. You can also buy larger houses, and entire cities and villages. You can even buy birthday party kits (complete with pretty little invitations, of course) and wedding sets for your kids’ table. I’m thinking these might be perfect for Easter baskets and Christmas stockings, as well…


Disclosure: I have no relationship with either company, but am using a One Kings Lane referral link. Photo is courtesy of lille huset.

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