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Carnival Island–A Review

Carnival Island is a family game for PlayStation 3 with Move. As the name suggests, the game is a collection of carnival mini-games such as Mini Bowl (aka Skee Ball), Coin Toss and Shooting Gallery. Set in a magical, but long-abandoned carnival this is a fun game for the whole family. [more]

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Review

My husband and I enjoy playing video games together. Unfortunately, where I am a gamer, he’s a Gamer. He likes a wider range of game, plays more often than I do, and is generally more skilled than I am. It makes it challenging to find games that we enjoy playing together. Typically he’s bored, I’m… [more]

Everybody Dance Video Game Review

Yeah, I like dancing video games. It’s ironic, since I can’t dance to save my life. I think it’s some leftover dream of being a performer. Anyway. Everybody Dance for the PlayStation 3 with Move gives you the chance to dance – and sing, if you’d like – to a variety of popular songs from… [more]

Marbles: The Brain Store–Heaven in a Mall

Marbles: The Brain Store–Heaven in a Mall

I recently had the opportunity to attend a preview of the new Marbles: The Brain Store in the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA. It’s a great store full of books, games, puzzles, toys, software and novelties, all designed to challenge and stimulate your mind. My kind of heaven, honestly. Which is why I jumped at… [more]

Zelda Goes Gold with 25 Years

The Zelda franchise turns 25 this year, but I guess no one told Nintendo that it is a silver anniversary. Instead, they’re celebrating with gold. Gold paint, that is. In honor of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (coming out in November), Nintendo has announced a special bundle that will include the game, a snazzy… [more]

FlipOut–A Family Game Review

FlipOut–A Family Game Review

You may remember some past reviews of Gamewright Games on Quirky Fusion. I enjoyed one of them so much that I included it on the Go-To Gift Guide for Birthdays and Other Special Occasions. We recently received a copy of one of Gamewright’s new games, FlipOut, and it didn’t disappoint. FlipOut is a unique card… [more]