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How to Choose the Right Smartphone for You

When friends ask me for help in choosing a cell phone, I always ask what features are most important and how they normally use their device. Now that smartphones have so many options, it’s important to know which ones are make-or-break, and which ones are extras. There are some things (good and bad) that you… [more]

Why I Didn’t Choose an iPhone

I’ve got a new phone in my life… my Droid Razr Maxx arrived last week and I’m pretty much in love. I’m saving that review for another day, though. Today I wanted to answer a question I’ve heard more than once. Why didn’t you choose an iPhone? If you’re trying to choose a phone, I’ve… [more]

New Sam’s Club App Makes Shopping Easy

New Sam’s Club App Makes Shopping Easy

While some people enjoy the “excitement” of heading to the mall for holiday shopping, there are those of us who like a more laid-back approach. I, for one, do almost all of my shopping online. It allows me to compare prices, access items I wouldn’t otherwise find, and save on gas. When Sam’s Club invited… [more]

Ruckus Media Labor Day Sale

Wading through the Apple App Store trying to find quality apps for your kids is like looking for buried treasure in the jungle. Sometimes you have to keep digging and digging. That’s why I had to give a head’s up about Ruckus Media’s Labor Day sale. All of their great apps for kids are just… [more]

Applicious: The Creeps

The Creeps is a tower defense game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Tower defense games involve placing a line of defense to protect your home base. The genre gained some popularity after Plants vs. Zombies took off. In fact, that’s when I fell in love. In The Creeps, your job is to protect… [more]